The Cost of Stucco

Considering stucco for the exterior of your home but not sure about costs? Learn about the costs of stucco services and how they compare to other options.

Inspecting Your Interior Stucco

Noticing cracks or discoloration on your interior stucco? Learn what to look out for, how to fix minor stucco repairs on your ceiling or walls, and know when to call a stucco contractor.

Inspecting Your Exterior Stucco

Over time, you might start to notice that your exterior stucco is declining. This decline can present itself as mildew, a buildup of dirt, or even small cracks. While in some cases this isn’t a cause for concern, in others it can signify the need for repairs. Understanding the differences between a small crack and an underlying issue is the key to maintaining your stucco.  The best way to maintain your stucco is to properly …